CAT12 Tutorial #1: Download and Install

The CAT12 toolbox is designed to work with SPM12, using the same libraries for many of its functions. If you haven’t already, I recommend working through the SPM12 tutorials; in addition to learning how the SPM12 graphical user interface works, which is similar to the CAT12 interface, you will also learn about toolboxes - separate programs that rely on a foundational program, such as SPM12. Just like Marsbar and WFU Pickatlas, for example, CAT12 is another toolbox that will be opened through the SPM GUI.

1. Download and Install SPM

The download and installation instructions for SPM12 can be found here, as well as on the SPM12 website.

2. Download the CAT12 Toolbox

The CAT12 toolbox can be found here. Click on the Download CAT12 button, which will start the download; then, unzip the file. Assuming that your spm12 folder is located in your home directory, open a terminal and type the following:

mv ~/Downloads/cat12 ~/spm12/toolbox

Then open a Matlab terminal, and type spm fmri. When the GUI appears, click on the Toolbox: dropdown menu, and select cat12. This will open the CAT12 GUI, which should look like this:


If that works without any issues, you are ready to download and analyze data from the ADNI website. Click the Next button to learn how to do that.


For a video overview of how to download and install CAT12, click here.